Letting Your Child Help Clean Builds Confidence

Letting Your Child  Help Clean Builds Confidence

A few of you out there may have young children that make a huge mess around the house.  Although this might be a daily occurrence, and causes stress, it can also be a learning opportunity for your child, and a chance for them to develop responsibility.  Here at Tri Maids Reno, we are happy to be your Reno home cleaners, but we also want your children to build responsibility and a sense of teamwork.

Here are Eight Ways your young son or daughter can help out around the house:

Helping stack groceries

Children love helping put away the groceries after a long trip to the grocery store.  They like seeing the complete process from store shelf to your shelf, as it completes a story in their day.

Or maybe you come home after a long day carrying in bags.  They want to know what’s in them and usually they just slow you down.  Instead of this, teach them to stack groceries with you!  Give them all the stuff on the lower shelves of the pantry.

Water plants

Kids have a natural affinity for water.  They love houses, and spray bottles.  They will have an absolute joyous day if you acccidentally leave them alone with a water house or spray bottle!

Why not turn that natural curiosity into a work & responsibility opportunity?  Let them water plants with you!  They will absolutely love it, and you may catch them reminding you when you forget.

Cleaning up their toys

When children make a mess, it is important for them to bear a bit of the responsibility of cleaning up.  Try doing the “clean up song” after each play session and their job is to put away all the toys they took out.

Open mail

Kids love opening mail after the long (for them it’s long) visit to the mailbox.  Let them open your letters, and let them help you open boxes.  They love opening things because there are always surprises inside!

Cleaning up shoes

You know how hard it is for you to bend over to line up those shoes near the door?  No problem for a toddler!  They are down there already, mine as well put them to work!

Laundry start

If you have children, you know they love the laundry start ritual.  They get to pour thigns inw, and watch the water flow, and push the start button………..  It’s a magical first step into getting them to like doing chores.

Laundry fold

Although they may be slow, and do the worst folding in the history of folding, it is important for kids to learn to help out around the house.  They learn this by working WITH you, while doing a potentially boring task.