Get More Out of the Day with In Home Cleaning Services

Tri Maids in home cleaning services frees up the homeowners of Reno NV to focus on more important things than house cleaning. Sweeping your house doesn’t need to stop your life.  We offer multiple house cleaning packages and special residential cleaning services to meet the demands of busy homeowners. Tri Maids Reno can tidy up your house, or provide a deep spring clean. We are ready to assist you on your schedule with any kind of housekeeping.


In Home Cleaning Services To A Higher Standard

Cleaning Packages

Tri Maids offers three different in home cleaning packages to fit your cleaning needs.

  • Standard In Home Cleaning Services cover your living areas, kitchen, and bathroom. This service is available as a one time service, or a recurring service. Each session comes with three hours of residential cleaning minimum.
  • Plus In Home Cleaning Services is for clients already on a regular schedule. There needs to be little to no grease or grime build-up to take advantage of this service. We ensure a deeper long lasting clean by adding A specified task to each weekly visit.
  • Deluxe In Home Cleaning Services eliminates extreme grease and grime build-up. Tri Maids will hand wash door, wood work, and molding and everywhere else in your house with a detailed focus on restoring your home to its immaculate glory.


If you would like to read more about these house cleaning services in Reno NV CLICK HERE.


Move In/Move Out Cleaning

Moving made easier with our detailed move in/ move out cleaning. Our house cleaning techs ensure that a grime free home. We check areas of the home that property managers don’t even think to look. We restore the luster of a home as if it were just constructed. If you would like to more about our move in/ move out cleaning services CLICK HERE.


Special Cleaning Services

Tri Maids knows that each home has its own house cleaning services needs and in many cases repair needs. We offer a a multitude of special residential cleaning services to include laundry services, home organization, and handyman repairs. We are a fully licensed contractor for Nevada and California. If you would like to learn more about our special cleaning services. CLICK HERE


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