Early to bed, early to rise

Getting back into a school sleeping schedule won’t happen overnight. A few weeks before school starts, get your child into the habit of going to bed earlier.


Re-establish a routine

Establishing a consistent routine is important for kids. This could include doing homework, playtime, brushing their teeth, having a bath, and reading before bed.


Choose the right backpack

Backpacks that are too heavy or worn improperly could result in muscle strain, headaches, and neck pain. Try to choose a backpack made of sturdy, lightweight fabric with wide, padded straps that will support your child’s shoulders.


Talk about safety

Review outdoor safety rules, things like looking both ways before crossing the street, taking the same route every day if they are walking, familiarizing themselves with crosswalk rules, and being cautious in talking to strangers.



Limit screen time

Back to school is the perfect opportunity to re-establish screen time limits. Use an alarm clock instead of a cellphone to wake up in the mornings.


Map it out

If your kids are starting at a new school, practice walking or driving to the bus stop or to the school building a week or two before school starts.


Talk about first week jitters

Reassure your child that being nervous is natural – even for teachers.

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