Spring Is In The Air


Start The New Season With A Spring Clean, For You Or A Loved One! Tri Maids Offers Many Different Cleaning Packages, Including Organizational Cleaning. We Can Help With Whatever You Need Or Want Done! Let Us Help You Get Your Home Ready To Sparkle And Shine This Spring!


First things first – Do a “visitor” walk thru and just take notes of everything that you see that are out of place. This is a great time to give out these little tasks to any other people in the house if possible to get a little bit of help with this hectic time.

Depending on your time limit that you have, I recommend these are the things that you take care of 2-3 days beforehand.

–Clean windows and vacuum window tracks. Damp mop baseboards.

–Deep clean bathrooms and straighten bedrooms.

–Clean all top kitchen surfaces. Wipe fridge and make room for extra food in there.

–Dust all surfaces and sweep entryway.


–Hang fresh hand towels, and check hand soap.

–Wipe any dirty areas in the bathrooms using a wet rag.

–Put toilet bowl cleaner in the toilets and give them a quick brushing.

–Wipe mirrors, countertops, and bathroom floors with a damp towel.

–Take out the garbage, and line trash receptacles with clean liners.

–Straighten stacks of magazines and books.

–Straighten and fluff sofa pillows and cushions.

–Carry a laundry basket throughout the house, picking up clutter as you go. Once filled, put everything in its place or you can just hide the basket. ☺

–Vacuum high-traffic areas.

–Place fresh flowers and light scented candles.

Now your home should look and smell great. This will take off the extra stress that can be associated with having visitors and/or family over to your home.


Spring Cleaning Checklist:

Kitchen –

  • Clean Inside & Outside Of Appliances
  • Clean Out & Organize Fridge, Pantry & Cabinets
  • Clean Sink, Cabinets & Drawers
  • Sweep & Mop

Bathrooms –

  • Clean Toilet Bowls, Sink, Shower & Tubs
  • Clean Out & Organize Cabinets & Drawers
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Vacuum Or Sweep & Mop

Bedrooms –

  • Go Through & Organize Closets & Drawers
  • Wash Bedding
  • Clean, Sanitize & Organize Toys
  • Vacuum Or Sweep & Mop

Miscellaneous –

  • Dust Light Fixtures
  • Vacuum All Vents
  • Clean Windows, Tracks, Blinds
  • Clean Doors & Walls
  • Vacuum Or Sweep & Mop


Spring Cleaning All Purpose Spray:

  • 16 Ounce Glass Spray Bottle
  • ¼ Cup Of Vinegar
  • 20-25 Drops Of Lemmon Essential Oil

Add Vinegar & Essential Oils To Spray Bottle & Top Off With Water.

You Can Use It On Anything & Everything!


Shower & Tub Cleaning Wand:

We Usually Use This Wand To Clean Our Dishes, But Now It’s Time To Use It In Our Bathrooms. Use The Cleaning Wand After Showers & Baths. Put Some Dish Soap & Vinegar In It To Get The Job Done. Keeping Your Shower & Tub Clean Just Got A Lot Easier!