MAY BLOG – How life changes after graduating High School

How life changes after graduating High School

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Graduating high school is an amazing achievement, and you should be proud of that. Here are some things that are either coming your way, or already have come your way once you’re finally out.

Your Friend Group Dynamic Will Change
Unless your entire high school friend group goes to the same college, spending significant time apart is inevitable.

More Responsibilities Will Be Expected of You
Whether it’s getting a job fresh out of high school, moving out of the house, or paying for your phone bill or car insurance, once you turn 18, you’re officially considered an “adult.”

Your Work Will Intensify
Whether it’s schoolwork in college or a full-time job as an assistant, you can most likely expect to work around the clock once high school ends. In college, classes take up a huge chunk of your day.

Money Will Suddenly Take Up a Lot of Headspace
If you’re in school, you may be thinking about paying back your student loans. If you’re not in school, you’re probably saving up for an apartment or even clothes and things to get by.

You are a lot less sheltered
Your college professors tell you things that a high school teacher wouldn’t.

You become WAY more independent
You learn to lean on yourself, versus other people. You get to make your own school schedule; you’ll have your own money that YOU earned.

Take your education seriously
It’s YOUR choice to be paying thousands of dollars at a school, you better do the best you can.

Everyone is in their own lane
Your friend may not be in college, but she’s working full-time, while you’re in college full time and working. Everyone is on their own track in life. Just keep doing what you’re doing.


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