If you host a party or 2 for the holidays, then you know it’s about that time to start preparing for the Christmas events. Remember you can always call Tri Maids to get a full house cleaning or we also offer customized cleans, where we’ll just do whatever you want us to do in your home.

As for any and all other options- here’s a quick breakdown of those “necessary” to-do items to get ready for the holidays and any parties that are associated with it.

First things first – Do a “visitor” walk thru and just take notes of everything that you see that are out of place. This is a great time to give out these little tasks to any other people in the house if possible to get a little bit of help with this hectic time.

Depending on your time limit that you have, I recommend these are the things that you take care of 2-3 days beforehand.

–Clean windows and vacuum window tracks. Damp mop baseboards.

–Deep clean bathrooms and straighten bedrooms.

–Clean all top kitchen surfaces. Wipe fridge and make room for extra food in there.

–Dust all surfaces and sweep entryway.


–Hang fresh hand towels, and check hand soap.

–Wipe any dirty areas in the bathrooms using a wet rag.

–Put toilet bowl cleaner in the toilets and give them a quick brushing.

–Wipe mirrors, countertops, and bathroom floors with a damp towel.

–Take out the garbage, and line trash receptacles with clean liners.

–Straighten stacks of magazines and books.

–Straighten and fluff sofa pillows and cushions.

–Carry a laundry basket throughout the house, picking up clutter as you go. Once filled, put everything in its place or you can just hide the basket.

–Vacuum high-traffic areas.

–Place fresh flowers and light scented candles.


Now your home should look and smell great. This will take off the extra stress that can be associated with having visitors and/or family over to your home.


Cleaning Services (Reno) Tips: Need More Space In Your Small Pantry?

Cleaning services (Reno) can help you solve your huge problem with your small pantry.  Every mom would agree that one can never have enough pantry space, especially when you are feeding a growing family.  With all the children’s snacks down to your baking needs, how do you fit all of it inside a cramped space that is tinier than your closet?  Well, lucky for you, we asked Reno cleaning services experts and here are some tips that you can use to gain extra storage.

Save Your Jars

We normally throw out our jars after we have cleaned them out, but many of us consider as trash can become “gold.”  Keep all of your jars, whether they are big or small, as they can be useful when storing ingredients.  When your ingredients dwindle, you can scale down the size of your containers.  Transparent jars also make it easy for you to find stuff inside the pantry when you need them.  No need to dig through your shelves.

Corral Ingredients Or Items In Bins

You cannot put everything in jars, so how do you organize these items?  You can go to your nearest home improvement store and get structured containers or bins.  If you have extra loaf pans lying around, they make a great alternative.

Install Undershelf Baskets

The undershelf area is often overlooked when you are worrying about how to gain extra storage, but it is exactly the area where you can get more space.  Organizer Tidy Tova suggests adding undershelf baskets to multiply your pantry cabinet’s storage capacity.  You can also use them as designated areas for certain ingredients.

Coat Your Pantry Door With Magnetic Paint

Are your spices taking up space in your pantry?  Keep them organized by following this great idea from home cleaning service (Reno NV) professional I Heart Organizing.  Simply coat the interior of your pantry door with magnetic paint.  Aside from holding spices, the back of your door can hold many other items like birthday candles, wine stoppers, and other kitchen items.

Add A Rolling Cart

For your frequently used items or ingredients, you can use a handy rolling cart that you can move in and out of your pantry.  You can easily move it close to you while you cook, so that the ingredients you need are just within arm’s reach.  And after use, you can just push the cart back inside your pantry.

Hire The Best Cleaning Services (Reno)

Does your pantry look like a storm just passed through it?  If you answered yes, you need home cleaning service in Reno, NV.  And there is no better company that you can trust than us, Tri Maids Reno.  We always go the extra mile for our clients.  We make sure that every job is done with utmost care and perfection, and we are proud to tell you that we have a long list of satisfied customers who continue to hire us for our services.  If you have questions, do not hesitate to call us today!  You can reach us at (775) 686-6338.