Cleaning a Vacation Rental in Reno

Cleaning a Vacation Rental in Reno


One of the biggest requests we get is for people to clean their vacation rental in Reno.  Reno has a few homes that are vacant for most of the year.  Usually these are homeowners from across state lines that decided to either invest in Reno, or they use it as a getaway.  They need to hire maids in Reno to ensure that there home is clean.

Of course these homeowners want to protect their investment so they call us in to make sure that their homes are nice & tidy all year long!   We also will check up on the property for them to make sure that all is in order and no breakins, water leaks, or other urgent issues have arisen.

Treat the Property Like Your Own

The most important thing is to treat the property as if it were our home.  That means in the course of maid services, that if we see something wrong, we report it immediately to the homeowner.  This can save them LOTS of money, especially if a water leak occurs.  The leak, left untreated, could turn to mold, and cost the homeowner tens of thousands of dollars to repair.

So not only do we clean the house, but we make sure to check that there are no leaks or other issues.

Be Available

Availability is one of the most critical determinants for a vacation rental homeowner.  They are only there for a few times out of the year, and they want to take extra care that the home is ready for them when they arrive.  Some of our clients even call up last minute asking us to clean it in a jiffy!

We always try to be available when they need us to ensure that the home is ready for their vacation escape.

Fast & Current Communication

Many times our clients are out of state, and they need responses to come fast and current. Part of providing excellent customer service is to make sure we are prompt in replies, and proactive in suggestions or concerns.

This ensures that the client always feels that their home is in good hands.