Keeping your home clean in between visits from Tri Maids Reno

Keeping your home clean in between visits from Tri Maids Reno

Take your shoes off before entering your home

The biggest dirt problem we see on our Reno home floors are brought in by footwear.  The Japanese are some of the cleanest people in the world, and they do not allow you to walk inside their home with your shoes on.

We totally stand behind this, and we practice this in our homes as well 🙂

Wipe down as you cook

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but if you clean while you cook, it feels like you are cleaning less overall.  Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not.  One thing we do know is that when you get kitchen splatter, from a pain or bowl, the longer the splatter sits, the harder it is to clean.

Even after you clean it, there might still be residue left for Tri Maids to come clean!  So always try to clean as you go, and it makes splatter removal easier.

Seal off unused rooms

We’re sure you have some rooms in your home that don’t get used all the time.  The guest room is a perfect example.  By leaving the door open to this room, you are letting dust fly in and settle.

This is completely pointless, and we’re here to tell you that although we love your business, this is a waste of your money!

So do yourself a favor and keep doors & windows closed to unused rooms.  You can still air them out once in awhile, but don’t leave it open too long.

Control your pet!

Pet fur is the worst!  It gets into everything, and you will even find it in your AC vent.  Do yourself (and your dog) a favor and brush them regularly outside.

This will prevent most of the fur-ocious mess from getting inside the home.

Keep clutter in the garage

Clutter begets clutter.  Every Reno maid knows this.  People tend to feel okay about cluttering up areas that are already in clutter.  We don’t know why this is, but it’s true.  So keep all your clutter in the garage instead.


You know the hardest thing to clean in your bathroom?  It’s those solid shower glass doors!  The hard water stains can be quite hard to remove.  You can save yourself a lot of pain by using a squeegee after any shower.  It only takes about 20 seconds, and it saves you (and us) a world of time in cleaning your bathroom.

Keep top surfaces bare

Top surfaces gather dust like no other part of the home.  Because of this, we recommend that you keep them as bare as possible.  This will allow you to wipe them down frequently and easily.